Gripad Gym Gloves - Blue By Gripad

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GRIPAD® offers highly innovative and practical designs of high quality gym gloves for all fitness freaks. Being the perfect blend of form and function, these finely crafted products offer the right grip and control to support all your workout sessions.

Unlike the traditional type of hand protection accessories, our modern day gym gloves are designed to protect you from the risks of blisters, calluses, staining, or sweat.



Right form and correct technique of exercising and using different accessories in gym, is the success formula to get that perfect physique. And while you plunge on to follow a rigorous fitness regime, you need to adhere to proper safety measures to achieve your goals.

If you think that your existing workout gloves have been troubling a lot and do not offer the right support, use GRIPAD® workout gloves to say goodbye to injuries and wounds.

Our lifting grips are made of 100% Neoprene material to provide the right comfort, grip, sweat-free and slip-proof grip. The three-finger loop design allows easy movement of the thumb and pinkie to allow better hold of the tools and other equipment.


Hard training sessions and laborious workout regimes have always been synonymous with men. However, due to technological advancement and change in lifestyles, a large number of women are also seen hitting the gyms.

Our lightweight and padded workout gloves are designed to reduce the wear and tear and protect your hands from abrasions and cuts. With correct cushioning at the right spots, our lifting grips provide full protection to your hands and fingers while using free weights and bars.

Our gym gears are designed to reduce the pressure on wrists and maintain the softness and gentleness of your hands. You wouldn't spoil the beauty of hands and palms, so if you want to go out for a party after gym, you can do that with ease.