Creatine: The Comprehensive Guide

Excited by the latest research news about creatine and it's effects?

Here is a very comprehensive guide on this popular supplement that has been used for years by Men's Fitness UK.

For the visual ones, check out this informative video by Dr. Meschino.

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  January 07, 2015     

Effect of creatine visible after just five days!

Imagine, you need to look good in less than a week's time.

You're going to train with a good friend you haven't seen for months, and you want to make a good impression. You've got a swimsuit party. You’ve been asked to help friends move house. Whatever.

But now you're looking for a way to improve your body in just a few days.

Military researchers in Singapore came up with something you can try: take creatine.

Check out the full creatine research funded by the Singapore Basketball Association and the Defence Science & Technology Agency:-


  January 06, 2015        creatine, Infitnity, pre-workout     

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